From the speech of Mr. Vincent SERVEL on the occasion of 50 years of membership in the association of Logis de France:

This adventure began a beautiful autumn day, returning from my military service in 1953. My father, who ran the grocery store and the farm house, I felt to find a future. He proposed a partnership, saying:
- If you stay with me, we will build a hall and ten rooms.
- Ok I said, but who will pay me?
- I'll take care. I'll make a loan of 50,000 francs. But the loan was denied twice while I was doing work which was well advanced.
- Mason, plumber, electrician, carpenter. We all had confidence. And of course, all came to see Joseph, my father, to get their due.
- Needless to say I was not proud. This experience marked me a lot. My father who did not disarm by meeting our mayor at the time, Mr. Cléricy, our elected officials and community leaders-presidents Hoteliers restaurateurs who created a commission.
- A commission that for once was not created to bury the issue. And so we came out of the hole and the farm house turned into a grocery-des Moulins hotel "Logis de France" with 15 rooms.
In 1955, we had our little hotel and especially a large room where we almost "married" the valley. I think in this assembly there are many who have put the rope around his neck here. In this regard, and without a second thought, I associate my brother (just out of the hotel school in Nice), and my mother who started in the kitchen.
And the good years began. It has been reimbursed, it was able to save.
Five years later, in 1960, we were able to buy Le Castel in Carros. It is also true that at the time the campaign was still spared from the constraints of credit card, bad checks, payroll taxes and so on, to save Mr. Minister, Mr. Prefect ... and all others.
And there, with my brother Peter, was the start of a great adventure Restaurateur-builder:
- In 1965, the renovated and expanded Castelet allowed the opening of "Logis de France" with 30 rooms managed by my brother and his wife Cathy.
- 1980: The opening of Servotel in Castagniers, 36 rooms "Logis de France".
- 1986: The opening of Promotel, 50 rooms "Logis de France" in the ZI de Carros.
- 2002: The opening of Servotel in St Isidore, 60 rooms "Logis de France" run by my daughter Sylvie and her husband Denis.

You have understood everything. As part of the future development of the valley of the Var, it is about time I retire. Unless you hold a day of the baptism Vincent Servella.


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